The SimWing FEM Simulation Challenge

Updated: Dec 16, 2019

This challenge will allow people interested in simulation and/or aircrafts to simulate a wing structure. The steps of pre-processing, processing as well as post-processing will be covered in a video for each topic individually. It does not matter if you are new to simulation, an advanced user or have years of experience - this competition is for everybody!

For this competition we will use the cloud-based simulation SimScale as well as Onshape. SimScale will allow you to perform the processing as well as post-processing. Although SimScale also allows some features for pre-processing like scaling and other ones, we will use the cloud-based CAD tool Onshape to perform more sophisticated operations on the component.

How Can I participate in this challenge?

That's very simple. Just follow the instructions from the PDF (links to the folder can be found below) and the videos on my channel and create your own public project. Make sure to add the tag "SimWing Challenge 2019" to your project and finish your studies before Friday, 31st of January, 2020.

Add a project title, detailed description (example project), and of course high-resolution post-processing images which will be taken into account for the ranking!

Also shares as well as likes on social media platforms (LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook...) will be taken into account. As a small tip I would suggest to make your friends like and share your posts to make sure you can gather as many likes as you possibly can.


All the PDF can be found here:


1. What happens if I copy a project from another person and adapt the settings?

You can submit projects that have been copied from others although I explicitly want you to copy the project from my Dashboard. However if you copy the project from another person, please do not copy or steal his/her content. If the jury finds out about that, you will be immediately excluded from the competition. You can create as many projects as you want for your studies but only one will be evaluated from the jury.

2. What if I have an academic or professional plan?

You can also participate in the challenge if you have one of the mentioned plans but the simulation has to be public! If the simulation is not public but private, it will not be taken into account when determining the winner(s).

3. What if I am out of core hours and need more for my simulation(s)?

If that is the case (which is very unlikely), you can reach out to me and I can either run the simulation(s) on my account and re-share the project with you with the collab option inside SimScale or I can add a few core hours. However note, that a FEA simulation of that size is not computationally expensive.

Watch the intro videos on my channel to learn how to effectively work on multiple projects and keep track of every iteration.

4. Can I work with friends on the competition?

Absolutely!! I would love to see groups participating in this challenge. Although the prizes are for one person only, you can win as a group and either distribute the prizes or keep your group and participate in future challenges and rotate the winner :)

5. How many people will be selected as the winner?

From all participants three winners will be selected!

6. What are the prizes?

Please watch my upcoming videos! Cheers :)

In case you have other questions, I would be very to help you out. You can reach out to me on every social media channel but I prefer that you post your question in the comment section of the YouTube videos!

Happy SimScaling and good luck!

Jousef Murad

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