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Updated: Sep 7, 2019

"Programming: when the ideas turn into the real things."

- Maciej Kaczmarek

I am very happy to announce my MATLAB Mega Course for beginners but also intermediates! Thanks to the great feedback of many people I decided to start a MATLAB series which will not only help students in classes from my university but hopefully all students all over the world to get started with their MATLAB journey.

This course is the start of my education series to solidify your knowledge in MATLAB but programming as well. It is my duty to help as many people as possible and reach 1 million people worldwide - so feel free to subscribe me here!

The goal for this series is to take you from Zero to Hero to make you feel confident enough to perform challenging programming tasks. If you have any questions regarding the course, want to make suggestions or simply give me feedback on how to improve the series in terms of video quality or content, please drop me a message on Instagram where I am most active on.

The more people will follow and ask the more I am willing to do live sessions from time to time as I am a firm believer that interaction with the community will strengthen the relationship and makes videos more enjoyable to watch once you know who is behind the project. So do not hesitate to contact me and let's get in touch! :)

You can find the repository here:

Start engineering your mind today!

Structure of the course

The PDF with the structure of the course can be found here!

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