"Jousef is a very good person who is having good knowledge about CAE and simulation work as well. He is having Awesome problem solving skills, very dedicated towards his works as well as team or company works. Along with all these skills, he is very helpful and friendly with calm nature. He is open-minded, thoughtful person I knew him from the day I joined SimScale as Student Ambassador. He is my mentor but he always treated me like a friend or younger brother. He helps everyone who is dedicated towards their work and who wants to reach their goal. He is an amazing person who is available for every single second to helps other and he always gives his 100% to me. I highly recommend him to any kind of simulation field."

Deepak Yadav / Aeronautical Engineer & SimScale PowerUser

“Jousef is a very talented smart person in CFD community field, who loves helping others reach their goals. I've dealt with Jousef , and he definitely helped me to get what I want from SimScale. I'd strongly recommend him to anyone in the simulation field."

Mahmoud Ibrahim / Naval Architect & Marine Engineer / M.Sc

“Jousef is a very good person. He puts his heart in helping us Ambassadors and not only on job related stuff. He is very talented and has a knack for tutoring us, tries his hardest and is always there when you need a second opinion on something. Is a very good mentor, and really good at what he does! I will always remember his teachings and try my best to be like him with every opportunity I get!"

Denis Sebastian Nuica / Aerodynamic Engineer at UPB Drive Formula Student Team

"I have known Jousef since when I started working as an Ambassador for SimScale GmbH. I consider him as my mentor and friend both. He has sound knowledge and expertise in the areas of Numerical analysis and CFD. He has assisted me in planning and organizing technical workshops for undergraduate students at the university. His advice and technical assistance have proven to be invaluable for me on several occasions. I am seeing him as one of the leading CAE experts in the near future and I wish him all the best for his future endeavors."

Mohammad Fozan Khan / SimScale Ambassador & Mechanical Engineer

"Mr. Jousef Murad, the guy who not only takes the work to different level but also makes the atmosphere so friendly that there is no ego wall between the conversations. I, just being a participant at SimScale workshop had often problem and issues regarding the Simulations, but they were all solved by him and not only in the work hours but also offering the availiblity 24/7 to help. It was an amazing experience."

Malhar Bhatt / Student at TU Ilmenau