Purpose of my website

"I could either watch it happen, or be part of it."

                                                                      - Elon Musk

I truly believe that in order to change the world you have to fully commit to something. Personal fulfillment is - at least in terms of my definition - helping others and to recognize that you have purpose in life (where the first point implies the latter one). To rise on this planet you need to: improve your personality on a daily basis, have a sense of humor and most importantly have a heart but also stay grounded. Although I have helped and motivated a few people the ultimate goal is to reach 1 million people and inspire them, either in the field of Engineering, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Personal Development which includes Psychology and/or Fitness - yourself included! This page should give you a visual representation on what I am working in my life to become the best version of myself.


Please take your time to read through every page, I am sure you will learn things that you did not know before -  anyway life is a continuous learning process. Drop me a message and teach me something as well! :)

If you want to have concrete projects from me you can either read about them in my blog, visit the download section or my shop not only to support me but also to let me help you become a better version of yourself - the journey starts today!


                                   - Jousef Murad (TheEngiineer)

(Photo: Saygin Yalcin & me)

Engineering - Personal Development - Artificial Intelligence

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